Mark Twain Building
History Museum 
       The History Museum is located on the on the 2nd floor opposite the elevators. It is available to
         the general public during the hours the building is open. The exhibits depict the building
         when it was operated as a hotel. 

This museum is dedicated to the Mark Twain Hotel and the men and women who worked here. The hotel served Elmira and the surrounding area for forty-four years and during that time was an important focal point of the community. 


The idea for the museum was born out of the chance meeting between John Travers and myself that took place because the building manager Debbie Corey purchased a book from me about Mark Twain in Elmira as a gift for Mr. Travers.

The idea has become a reality largely through the efforts of the community who came forth
and continue to come forth with Mark Twain Hotel memorabilia.

However, without the initial and continuing support of John and Joanne Travers this link with the past would not be possible. Because of their concern for the well being of the community this great edifice will continue to be a bright spot in the city of Elmira.

                   Hotel Lobby New Orleans Dining Room
                  Hotel Staff circa 1929 Mural From Hotel Lobby